"Laserchrome" is a registered term for a Durst Lambda print, which is a photographic chromogenic paper exposed from a digital file by color lasers. If the information available at a print's moment of conception is recorded, the identification process is much facilitated.

Light Exposure to Silver Halide Paper

A semi-analog process: Chromogenic photographic or Ilfochrome paper formulated specifically for this application, mounted to a spinning drum, is exposed to red, green, and blue light from laser diodes, LEDs, CRTs, or lasers. A latent image is formed line by line. The paper is then developed and fixed conventionally.

Other Given Names: Lambda print, Lambda Chrome, Laserchrome®, LVT print

Colorant: chromogenic photographic yellow, magenta, and cyan dyes

Medium: RC paper with gelatin emulsion

Surface: glossy

Inscriptions: Eastman Kodak Co. medium has the words "Kodak Professional Digital Paper" in gray diagonal letters on the verso.

Image Quality: photographic quality, to the naked eye indistinguishable from photographic prints. Under magnification small colored dots are visible that are similar to the dye "clouds" of analog photographically exposed paper.

Applications: proofing, photographic studios, retail stores. Fine art images can often be found face-mounted to Plexiglas using the Diasec® process. Similar to this process is the exposure to photographic film, either negative or color slide, by a film recorder.

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